About Us


I'm Todd Dukes

I was born and raised in a central Wisconsin supper club where I learned culinary basics and the importance of personal service. While learning the food trade over the next few years I traveled to Florida where I worked my way up to an executive chef position at Silver Lake Lodge in Ocala Florida. After 6 years of studying French Caribbean cuisine, I moved to New Orleans in the pursuit of Creole cooking and took a position with the Delta Queen Steamboat Company as Executive Sous Chef. After all that traveling, a rest was in need. What better place to rest than a beach in Florida, at the Key Largo Anglers Club where I had the unique privilege to cook for Richard Nixon on a regular basis.

I found resting wasn't my style. So I took off for the bright lights of Las Vegas to explore high volume hotel work. In the early 90's, I returned to my roots in Wisconsin to be closer to family, where I settled in Madison, WI to work at the Argus Food & Spirits. In 1997 I purchased the business and focused on developing the catering business.

Other notables I have cooked for include Andy Williams, Harry Carry, The Oak Ridge Boys, Heart, Van Halen, Axel Rose, Lou Diamond Phillips and former Governor's Tony Earl and Tommy Thompson. I have over thirty years of experience on which to draw from to develop and prepare that will satisfy even a President of the United States.