BBQ Sauces


A traditional all-purpose, southern sweet BBQ sauce that when used, enhances the flavor of everything.

My personal favorite! A wonderful sweet apple butter with some smoked overtones and a slight sting to the back of the tongue.

This is a wonderful multi-layer taste that has the unique ability to cleanse the palate after each taste, so that each bite will be a new experience.

The vinegar adds tartness, and the Tabasco adds a hint of spice. This medium-hot sauce is done in the style of great South Carolina BBQ.

This is best with chicken. It resembles a buffalo sauce with hints of bbq. Very complex but a simple great taste.

We did it! we managed to create a sauce with no sugar and still maintain a great bbq taste.

A Memphis style sauce with a Door County flair of Fresh cherries stewed.

This sauce is an absolute must have with Beef Brisket the deep rich sweetness combined with the sharpness of red onion complete this sauce.

This is my most unique sauce as it has a great silky smoky flavor. The big difference of this sauce is that it is made with the pork drippings from the pork butts so it is loaded with natural smoke flavors. The stock makes the sauce extremely silky quickly becoming one of our most popular sauces

Packed with antioxidants, this eastern European berry is extremely healthy and one of my favorite sauces. A slight hint of chipotle, it is not hot but has a gentle warmth to it. Aronia will soon be your go-to-sauce.

This sauce will not leave a garlic taste in your mouth its best with chicken and pork but if you have the chance to grill any seafood or shrimp it is a great substitute for cocktail sauce.

Our hottest sauce but by no means hot as habaneros. When you eat the whole sandwich it will deliver plenty of heat. The mix of mango and mustard control the heat of the pepper. This may be the only time you will taste the true flavor of the pepper. The heat will follow.

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