Our Menu

Sandwiches (Includes 1 Side)

Pulled Pork $7.50

TC’s Beef Brisket $8.00

Pulled Chicken $7.50

Grilled Pork Brisket $8.00

Split Brisket $8.00

(both beef and pork briskets)

Exploding Pig $8.50

(pork, ham, bacon, cheddar and chipotle mayo on dark rye)

Divine Swine $8.50

(pulled pork, cheddar cheese, spicy kraut on dark rye)

Holy Cow $8.50

(Beef brisket, cheddar cheese, spicy kraut on dark rye)

Cow Patty $8.50

(beef brisket, cheddar cheese, grilled onions on dark rye)

Smoked Chicken Melt $8.50

(chicken, bacon, cheddar on dark rye)

Chicken & Ribs (Includes Cornbread and 2 Sides)

Half Chicken Dinner $11.50

Half Rack of Ribs $13.50

Half Combo (half rack and half chicken) $20.00

Rack of Ribs $20.00

BBQ by the Pound

Pulled Pork $10.50

Beef Brisket $11.50

Pork Brisket $12.00

Pulled Chicken $10.50

Sides Small $1.75 Medium $5.00 Large $8.00

Skillet Fried potatoes

Calico Beans

Creamy Slaw

Sour cream and Dill Potato salad

Corn on the Cob

Black Beans with Chipotle and Honey

Mac and Cheese


Chocolate bacon $1.25

Pie $3