Where do you start the choice of coloring?

Where do you start the choice of coloring?

First of all, with the definition of what age it is intended. It is worth noting that the boundaries of age are conditional — first of all, pay attention to the development of fine motor skills in a child and to the level of mastery of artistic materials.

Coloring pages for children from 1 year to 3 years

At this age, the child has just learned to hold a pencil, often he still pinches it in the cam – the movements of the child are still inaccurate, sharp, and even draw a straight line is a big problem. At this age, pencils are best suited, since felt-tip pens, markers, pens, paints will stain and tear paper and the child can get bored quickly. As for the coloring pattern itself, it should have the following parameters:

1. drawing should be as simple as possible, consisting of a very small number of parts – the ball, flower, apple and the like (complex patterns can discourage interest in the process).

2. The item on the figure should be recognizable by the child. If the object in the figure consists of several parts (a flower), then all parts should be large relative to each other and clearly traced. For example, roses and asters will not work, but chamomile is the right choice. The contours of the picture or its parts should be rounded, without any sharp corners and sharp turns. The thickness of the contour is also desirable in the range of 5-10 mm, it will be easier for the child to stay within the coloring area, you can use the coloring with color contours — these “tips” will help the child to choose the right color.

3. Coloring paper should be tight to reduce the risk of damage if the child, without calculating the pressure force, pierces it with a pencil.

Coloring pages for children from 3 to 5 years

When a child reaches the age of 3 years, he has already recorded many actions, including the use of a pencil. The child is no longer just drawing lines but is trying to draw objects, such as houses, little people, the sun. The movements of the hand became more confident, the lines of the drawings more intelligent and neater.
Features coloring for children of this age are as follows:
– paint can be taken more complex, the number of parts in them increases – the plane, car, men, animal (well, if it will be the images that the child tries to draw himself)